Teaching Feedback

The tool below allows you to quickly read as many or as few of the evaluations that the students in my classes have given. In the interest of fairness, both positive and negative comments will be shown. There's a caveat though — I have classified the comments using the GPT-3 model by OpenAI and it can make mistakes!

All comments are real student comments, anonymized for presentation here.

Note: You might need to wait a few seconds or click twice for the free tier of Azure to kick up enough bits of information for the first two comments to show up. If you see an error, use the IT department trick: reload and try again (preferably, Ctrl+Shift+R to reload with fresh cache for this website).

Teaching Experience

A summary of my teaching experience.

Course Department Enrollment Staff Products
Spring 2024: Introduction to Problem Solving (syllabus) Electrical Engineering, UC Merced 40 UG 2 UG readers Hands-on engineering education.
Fall 2023: Engineering Computing (syllabus) Mechanical Engineering, UC Merced 207 UG 3 Grad TAs, 1 UG reader Scalable active learning in engineering.
Fall 2023: Introduction to Computing (syllabus) Computer Science and Engineering, UC Merced 57 UG 1 Grad TA Active learning in Intro Python.
Spring 2022: Introduction to Biological System Design (syllabus) Engineering, Harvey Mudd College 7 UG None Interactive notebooks for active learning.
Spring 2020: Open-Source Tools for Biological Circuit Design (syllabus) Biological Engineering, Caltech 5 UG, 15 Grad I was one of four instructors Open-source tools for teaching: BioCRNpyler, Bioscrape, and AutoReduce.

Other Teaching Related Experience

  • September 2021: Organized a worshop at the 2021 International Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA) conference on modeling biological systems. The recorded lectures are available on YouTube here.
  • October 2020: Organized a Chemical Reaction Network (CRN) modeling tutorial series for Build-A-Cell members. The recorded lectures are available on YouTube here.
  • I gave four lectures on - compiling biological models using Sub-SBML and on parameter inference using Bioscrape.
  • Fall 2019: Teaching assistant for the Linear Systems course at Caltech (for 32 graduate students). Gave 4 lectures in addition to the regular office hours and grading work.
  • Spring 2017: Teaching assistant for the Nonlinear Controls course at IIT Kharagpur.
  • Spring 2017: Teaching assistant for the Measurements and Instrumentatin Lab at IIT Kharagpur.
  • Fall 2016: Teaching assistant for the Control Systems Lab at IIT Kharagpur.

Last update: Mar 17, 2024.