Current Projects

  1. Safety guarantees and robustness quantification of generative AI models
  2. Contract-based design for large-scale design of engineered biological systems
  3. LLM-based personalized grading to enable independent and open-ended summative assessments
  4. Broadening student participation in electrical engineering with hands-on activities in theoretical courses
  5. Student self-efficacy in computing at the high school level

Summer 2024 Projects

List of available projects for Summer 2024. Hover your mouse over the "#" column elements to see more details.

Id Project Basic skills Preferred skills Data Model # References Student(s)
1 Categorical quantification of student learning from qualitative textual data. Statistical analysis AI models in Python Real student data from UC Merced Llama 3b / GPT 3 Shailja et al. ASEE 2024, Xiao et al. IUI 2023
2 LLM autograder: integrating feedback along with grades Python AI models in Python Student data from UC Merced LLama 3b-8 1 Oli et al. 2024 Anirudh Kaushal
3 LLM autograder: test and compare models Python AI models in Python Student data from UC Merced LLama, GPT, Bert 1 Oli et al. 2024 Collin Chuang
4 LLM autograder: cost analysis Python Economic feasibility analysis Data on GPU usage/TA costs LLama, University cost models 1 Alan Barrios
5 LLM autograder: effect of prompts Python Prompt engineering Student data from UC Merced LLama 3b 1 Mohit Ramesh Kumar
6 LLM autograder: integrate unit tests Python AI models in Python Student data from UC Merced LLama 3b 1 Max Fu
7 A web-app for Python-based modeling of protein expression. Python Web dev (for ex, Flask) Experimental data from Caltech Networks w/ BioCRNpyler 1 Jurado et al. bioRxiv 2023,GitHub for Python models Syuan Wallace
8 Self-driving car navigation using large-language models. Python CARLA/Unity or other backend sim Waymo Open dataset Llama 3b 3 Wei et al. arXiv 2024, Shi et al. arXiv 2022 Areesha Imtiaz, Dheeraj Somashekar
9 Evaluation of tokenization schemes on LLM performance. Python AI interpretability Truthful QA Llama 3b 2 Yang arXiv 2024, Lin et al. arXiv 2021 Saaketh Raghava, William Yang
10 Safe navigation with transformer models Python Control theory Srinivasa et al. 2019 RL models 1 Meng et al. arXiv 2023 Rachit Jaiswal
11 AI-driven hands-on activities for introductory programming education Python/MATLAB Web app/GUI 1

Past Projects

  1. Characterization of integrase and excisionase activity in cell-free. Published in ACS Synthetic Biology.
  2. Robustness guarantees for nonlinear dynamical systems. Published in Wiley International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control.
  3. Open-source modeling tools for synthetic biology: BioCRNpyler, Bioscrape, Sub-SBML, and AutoReduce.
  4. Study of fundamental limits and tradeoffs in active and passive systems
  5. Design and implementation of an autonomous bicycle: The i-Bike Project. More here.
  6. The Autonomous Ground Vehicle research group at IIT Kharagpur: Team leader for two consecutive years leading the 40 student member team to Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition IGVC. AGV won the 2nd prize among teams from all around the world in 2018.
  7. State-space averaging of switched dynamical systems (masters thesis project)
  8. Robust controller design using H-infinity loop-shaping approach (best thesis award)

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